domingo, 14 de janeiro de 2024


So... a few hours ago I was using a box cutter to remove some pieces of wood that remained glued to the back of my floating alveolus shelf, that used to have a background sheet covering its bottom, and... you know what happened. I've never seen so much real blood live; I think more than 50% of the sink got covered in blood. Some of it dripped on my sheet and dried while I was taking care of the wound. I could successfully clean the insides but, curiously, not the margins, where the stains continued quite visible, as if those areas had been dyed with fabric ink. I wonder what is there in blood that runs to the margin, causing that?

For a moment, I caught myself staring at the sink and thinking, "What a beautiful Red". It's like when I bring out what I keep inside and I myself am amazed by the Magic, because it's Something not naturally mine.

I don't want my bullshit.