terça-feira, 30 de janeiro de 2024


They call me Rosemary's baby; Mr Right calls me Blue Eyes' dad. Is it true that they "hope" to meet again the One they do not follow? Yes, because they are insane and they think they don't need treatment. Unless he or she is the type that repents, no Mr or Ms Vain wants "life" to end, and they wish they could stay "young" forever. What if they run out of "wealth"? They will ask for time to seek it "all" again. So, their "hopes" reveal that their desire is actually for a Mr "Rich" with "superpowers".

It was once said by a guy who watched Dynamo's "tricks" in person, "Can you get me some pussies with that?".

They couldn't, they can't make me "afraid"; I will remain nuts, problematic and dreaming big.