domingo, 7 de janeiro de 2024

Cobra In Deer Park

What comes into his ears is what comes out of his mouth; a sucker is already listening to another toxic master, so the chances are that he's going to "smile" or "laugh" at you, or even use words in his mockery, while you try to have the empathetic type of conversation with him. You could slap him with an extremely odd conversation to see if his expression forcefully changes, because going beyond horror is guaranteed to scare even demons. Maybe that kid just needs a little nudge to question his definition of 'fun', wake up and change his wicked ways.

We almost never know for sure whom we're dealing with, but we know that some people cannot change. I care about them as much as I care about mosquitoes. I usually kill mosquitoes with electric shock; it's the only thing that works against them. It's even useful to scare away the kind of suckers that are only "socially" infected by other vampires, that could become faithful and friendly, however are choosing to stand still in the vain time and stay put in the evil ship.